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A collection of some of my client’s story and testimonials about their experience with the Tight T-Shirt Transformation.
Everyone of them has their different stories but for me it’s been a huge honour being able to support them during our work together.
Remember that your result depend by Age, History of training, Sex, Genetics, Adherence and Effort.


John, 37, London (UK)

John managed to get full control over his life in the last 24 months. When John came and ask for my help 18 months ago he had already accepted to change. I helped him set up a training program and a diet which would fit into his lifestyle. He dropped more than 30 kilos over the last 2 years. We are now looking forward to losing the last few kilos to then start putting on some muscle! To me what matters the most is that John is now able to enjoy his time with his family with being obsessed with his diet. 

Andrea, 32 - Helsinki, Finland


''My primary goal was to lose fat and tone up.  I have gained a lot more perspective on what I need to do to build the body I want in a healthy and sustainable way. If you're thinking about it, do it now! '' 

My Services Are For You If...

I only work with a very specific population because that's the way I ensure the most professional service possible. 

You want to gain 2-10 kg of muscle

You want to look great without T-shirt

You want to feel more confident

You want to lose 5-15 kg of fat 

You want to bring your physique to the next level

You're open to changes 

You don't take any performance enhancing drugs

You're ready to invest in your fitness and health 

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