How Personal Training might not be the best solution to lose fat

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2 Years ago I made probably the best career choice of my life. I decided to expand my personal training business offering online coaching services.

I did mainly because some clients asked for it.

Let me tell you a quick story.

Most of the people train with a personal trainer 1–2 times/week for a period of 3–6 months spending easily between £250–£1000/month.

The sessions are 45–60 minutes and they include warm-up, training and cool-down. Some trainers offer a nutrition program and a training program the client should complete on their own time.

What I notice in 2 years of delivering 25–30 personal training sessions/week is that most people struggle to make progress with this kind of service.

The reason is simply that what they struggle the most with is consistency.

The personal trainer at the gym in 60 minutes simply doesn’t have time to control all the life variables AND provide a remarkable training experience.

The trainer also has to pay the rent to the gym where the session is delivered.

A gym rent for a personal trainer who works in London needs to pay 700£-1300£/month and therefore will be actively looking for clients.

The client will end up training 2 hours/week with a professional (great for making sure the exercises are performed correctly and for the extra motivation) which represent the 1% of a person’s life as there are 168hours in a week.

It also happens that a client would eventually decide to switch from an in-person service to an online service.

I would prepare the program with the nutritional advice and training plan for a considerably lower price.

It astonished me when I realized that those clients who were struggling to progress were now losing fat at the desired pace of 1–1.5% of their body weight every week.

The reality is that in most cases people should have a long term direction so the service should be affordable for the whole length of the diet as adherence is the number 1 factor that will the determine the success of the diet.

A certified online trainer knows the client needs, struggles and wins because of the nature of the relationship.

An initial consultation give the trainer a clear idea about what’s going in on in a person life, a person’s history of training and diet and future goals.

Making a plan that is fun, engaging, tailored and effective is now much easier for a trainer.

I had the chance to meet the biggest experts in the industry (more about me here) and every expert would come out with different ideas on how to manage a person’s case.

The job on both sides, in the first 7–10 days of an online coaching relationship, is to work out the best plan for that particular person.

The weekly check-ins allow to fix any mistakes or clarify any doubts that might come up along the way straight away.

The weekly group calls allow to share results and ask for more guidance on the most important training, nutrition or lifestyle topics and to create a sense of community with the rest of the team.

The plan is entirely tailored on a person’s lifestyle, schedule and current circumstances making the ROI skyrocket.

The workouts and the plan is shared through a training app, I use PT distinction, very user-friendly and intuitive, but My PT Hub and Trainerize are great too they only differ in some characteristic so I suggest to explore them well before signing up with one of them.

The app have Google spreadsheet integration where there is a calendar to note Goals, different mesocycles (training phases) and other important dates the coach should be aware of (vacations, wedding, work events, etc,…).

In my experience, this kind of relationship produces the best results and is more convenient in the long term.

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