-About Francesco Pavone-



from Pro-Swimmer, to BodyBuilder to Personal Coach

Professional Sport 

I have been a professional elite swimmer for most of my early life and competed as natural bodybuilder for the UKFBA in 2019. 

Client centered 

My mission is to coach young busy professional to build muscle, shred fat and become more self-confident so they can enjoy their life more

Evidence Based

Scientific knowledges has to be mixed with practical experience in order to provide a Top coaching service.

Academic Background

I have a Bachelor Degree in Sport Science Movement and Health

Practical experience

I have been a Personal Coach for over 4 years now and coached hundreds of people.  

Online Personal Coaching

I am a Certified Online Trainer. Online coaching is the best way I can help my clients with as it's done from remote and allows me to reach a lot of different people from all over the world

Hi and thank you for checking out my website.

I started this website in January 2020 with the goal of educating as many people as possible on how to train effectively with resistance training without getting injured or stale.

Being a PT and a coach wasn't my childhood dream. Actually, I wasn't sure if being a Kangaroo photographer in Australia or a Mechanical Engineer. So I decided to be a kinesiologist and a professional swimmer first.

I started my Journey in the Sport Industry as little 2 year old Kid. I've been a swimmer for most of my life. I remember jumping in the water and making bubbles with my face underwater and then spending most of my childhood and teenage life staring at a black lane at the bottom of a swimming pool.

My Early life as a swimmer was mostly recreational. I went to the swimming pool more to discuss about Harry Potter rather than improving my Personal best.

The Transformation 

At around 13 I've been warned from the Club where I was swimming in Savona, my Home city. Me and my friends, during a competition, set ourselves apart to play secretly football in the changing rooms. We found a big cage full of balls and we decided to take a couple for ourselves. When the coaches found out what happened we nearly kicked out of the team.

My parents decide to then let me try other sport and I play Field Hockey for around 5 months. My Dad and my brother used to play and I decided to give it a go. It wasn't for me, I remember having the coach screaming at me :''Pavone, pass the ball!'' and me giving the ball to someone in front of me and the coach again:''But not to that one!'', yep, I passed the ball to the opposite team. I didn't have a clue of what I was doing.After that little stop I came back to a different swimming pool, this time in Genoa, about 40 minutes by train from Savona.I used to do my homework on the way home from the pool and the teammates motivated me to swim faster every Year.

Most coaches I worked with always said there was a talent in me but it's just when I was around 16-17y that I started getting some good results. In 2008 in Rome I won my first junior National Championship in 200 meter butterfly, my speciality.

In 2012 I placed 6th to the European Championship in Debrecen, Hungary and missed London Olympic qualification of 0.20 seconds. (Ouch! I remember that).


In 2013 I swam the fastest time ever with the textile swimsuit in 200 butterfly with 1:56:43 and I qualified for my first world championship in Barcellona 2015 where I placed 21st and didn't qualify for the semifinals.

In 2015 I did my Personal Best ever at the Universiade Games where I qualified 4th and qualified for my second world championship in Kazan, Russia where I qualified 19th.

Not a bad career, and I am very proud of it.

Swimming taught me a lot, even if I don't think I didn't have any talent, it wasn't huge. I am 181 and used to weigh 80-83 Kg, not very tall, big legs, which aren't convenient as a swimmer and not particularly resistant. I always had good dedication though. I knew I had to be the last man standing during each training session if I wanted to outline my competitor's talent.

The Change

In July 2016 I decided to quit swimming.

During the previous season I won an Italian Championship and with the Gold medal hanging from my neck I wasn't happy. I had this strange feeling inside. Francesco Pavone, First place, sad.

One day in June during practice my coach asked me if I wanted to take part to the last competition of the season. Nobody ever asked me that. I started crying like a baby and couldn't explain why.

For the first time in my life I allow myself to really decide what I want.

Not that the doctor imposed me swimming to cure some particular back disease but I have never really consider what I was going into.

Every season I tried to swim faster, sacrificing a lot of social life and career choice, to chase a medal Francesco Pavone wasn't really interested in.

And all that dedication came to expense of social life, academic career, love life, hobbies and trips. No matter what I had to be at the pool every day, apart from Sundays. Sundays have always been for the couch.


That afternoon the decision was so easy. I already quit swimming in my head. Although I knew that would have been my last competitive season I decided to honour the choice of competing to that last race but I quit straight after.

The previous year I took a Bachelor Degree at the University in Genoa in Sport Science, Movement and Health. During those years at university I was very interested in Fitness, Physiology and Biomechanics.

My final dissertation was about the shoulder impingement in swimmers.

Also, during that last season as a swimmer I decide to make an experience as a coach because luckily a Genoa Based Masters Swimming team offered my the opportunity to make such an experience as Head coach.

I trained the team 3 times a week offering them my passion and knowledges. I also managed their gym program and support them on Race day.

United Kingdom - Growth

After I quit swimming I decided to move abroad to broaden my knowledges and experiences.

I lived in Bournemouth for one year and a half and I took the certificates to work as Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer.

I started working as a Personal Trainer in Virgin Active.

Funny story: The Pub next to the gym which became my first experience as a 121 Personal Trainer was named ''The Peacock''. For those of you who don't know my second name, Pavone actually means Peacock. I had to expect that was a good sign.

This experience has opened my eyes so much about the whole Fitness Industry. I love being around people a coach them to achieve their fitness goals. I always did, and guess what everyone else says so too. Helping people is one thing, training people and making a living out of it is different.

Immagine 2020-11-13 164106.png

Me, the first day at work at Tower Bridge

I had to learn how to Pack my knowledges into a sellable product and actually sell it, which wasn't exactly the main skill I learnt in 20 years of competitive swimming.

I Spoke to hundreds of people every week to get my self a reputation.

After 3 months I was consistently delivering 25 personal training sessions/week.

I always believed in continuous education, I invest thousands of pounds every year to make sure my content is updated with the lates Scientific evidence.

This is me with Nick Tumminello and Brad Schoenfeld at their workshop around the UK in 2019.

My clients gives me a lot of satisfaction because I see how they enjoy learning and understanding how the human body works and how to train it safely and effectively and to make sure that this enjoyment is not wasted I am more than invested in providing them with the most professional coaching service.

I always share with them guides and articles but sometimes I feel like is not enough. I wanted to learn as many people as possible but my time is limited, as for everyone else. One thing I learnt as a trainer tough is to be proactive. So I created this website in order to help as many people as possible.

And yes I love the idea of helping from all around the world. At the moment it's a personal project so everything you see and read is made exclusively by me. But this, one day, can evolve in a larger platform and I am open to collaborate with other trainers, if we speak the same language of course.


In December 2018, Victim of the London life I was eating way too much processed food and too often and I didn't like the way I looked.. Looking back at my training I wasn't consistent either. I jumped from program to program trying on my skin different approaches to training. At the end of the day my physical preparation swimming was mainly made by core strength, endurance work and a lot of Bodyweight exercises or a little bit of resistance training to support the specific movement I was training for. I mean, this is at least what I did through my entire career. I always had good coordination and healthy joints. Amongst all the training style the Bodybuilding type of training is what gave me the most satisfactions. I am a very structured person so I enjoyed a lot being able to progress in my lift weekly and the feeling the localised blood congestion typical of my workout(Yep, I love the pump too!) I was out of shape, or at least that's how I felt about my appearance. I also wanted to finally have a structure in my meals. So, I decide to take part to my first Bodybuilding competition with the UKDFBA at the Southern Counties in Camberley, the following August.

I first Hired a coach. I contacted the Revive Stronger team because I loved their content and I sympathize with the coaches. Dieting was hard but we got through that pretty well.

This is me on the day of the show, where I placed third, a result I would say way unexpected.


My ''why'' I started this journey was more internal, I enjoyed a lot seeing where I could push my body fat and learning to control my mind and environment.

Getting a medal or a real result was not my thing and decided to enjoy my holiday.

For all those months of dieting I think the stage didn't last for more than 10 seconds. At least that's how I felt. I loved that! I will definitely do it again but not in the next two years. Bodybuilding take so much from your life that you should think about competing in your first show just when you know you could afford it financially and logistically. It's not a good idea if you're a young busy dad or you're changing job because those things take away a lot of energy from your and you risk to be not enough in both your life and in Bodybuilding.

I mainly learned 2 things: 

1) the best progress are made on the long term;

 2) How to successfully create eating habits to happily live my life while being able to make progress in the gym.